Video Gallery

Coolaroo® provides an outstanding range of innovative outdoor leisure and garden products including Shade Sails, Pet Beds, Umbrellas, Outdoor Curtains, and Gazebos. Our Video Gallery helps to educate and inspire with a variety of videos from product installation guides to fun, animated videos for the outdoor living enthusiasts.

How to Assemble your Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Bed

This helpful video will show you how to properly assemble your Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet. We thank you for your interest in Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Beds. Please follow us on Instagram @coolaroousa.

Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Beds

Coolaroo Pet Beds Are An Innovative Way To Keep Your Dogs and Cats Comfortable and Cool While Reducing Pressure on its Knees, Hips, Elbows, and Shoulders

The Coolaroo Premium Shade Sail Kit - Features & Benefits

The Coolaroo Premium Shade Sail Kit is the ultimate shade solution for unique, permanent installations. Featuring highly durable, heavy duty fabric, this premium shade sail will enhance your residential and commercial spaces while protecting them from the sun's harmful UV rays. The commercial grade fabric has reinforced edges for increased stability and is breathable to allow warm air to escape through, substantially reducing the temperatures below.

Coolaroo Shade Fabric Accessories

Coolaroo offers the right accessories for the right installation of your Shade Fabric.

Butterfly Gazebo Installation Guide

Elevate your outdoor space with Coolaroo's Butterfly Gazebo.

Spring Operated Roller Shades - Assembly Guide

Our Spring Operated Roller Shades feature a smooth, self-retracting operation.

Coolaroo Premium Shade Sail Kits - Installation Video

Learn how to install our high-end shade sails made from heavy duty fabric with stainless steel corner attachments.

Solar Motorized Roller Shade Installation Guide

Coolaroo’s remote-operated shade are easy to install, no need for an electrician.

How to Set Up Your Coolaroo Easy Release Outdoor Roller Shades

Coolaroo Easy Release Roller Shades feature an easy, self-retracting operation.

Coolaroo Aurora Pergola, Backyard or Patio Shade Pergola

The Aurora Pergola’s roman style design elevates your outdoor space with a modern look.

Coolaroo Isabella Gazebo

This gazebo provides temperatures up to 20° cooler than in the sun for a cool area to relax outdoors with UV protection.

Coolaroo Simple Lift Roller Shade: Quick Tips

Quick tips to help you easily set up your new Simple Lift Outdoor Roller Shade after installation.

How to Remove Coolaroo Outdoor Roller Shades

This is an overview on how to properly remove your Coolaroo Outdoor Roller Shade.

How To Reverse Roll Coolaroo Wand-Operated Roller Shades

This video demonstrates how to reverse the roll of your Coolaroo Wand-Operated Roller Shade.

Coolaroo Full Valance Roller Shade: Wall Mount Installation

Learn how to mount your Full Valance Coolaroo Roller Shade to the wall with these simple steps.

Coolaroo Full Valance Roller Shade: Ceiling Mount Installation

Learn how to mount your Full Valance Coolaroo Roller to the ceiling with these simple steps.

Coolaroo Cordless Outdoor Roller Shade Installation

Learn how to install your Coolaroo Wand-Operated Outdoor Roller Shade.

Coolaroo Ready To Hang Installation Overview

This is an installation overview of the Coolaroo Ready-To-Hang Shade Sail.