Discover the coolest experience under the sun. HeatShield actively reflects the sun's hot infrared rays to keep its fabric surface up to 15°F cooler than other fabrics.

Elevated Pet Bed Pro with HeatShield

The experts' choice for place training and pet comfort while being gentle on paws and equipped with cooling fabric.

Colors Available:
  • Glacier Grey
  • Everglade Green
  • Pacific Crest Blue
  • Plus More

Custom Outdoor Roller Shades

Customize your outdoor roller shade with our new collections featuring UV protection, convenient operation, and sleek accents.

UV Protection:
Colors Available:
  • Great Sandy
  • Gobi
  • Sequoia
  • Plus More

Wand Operated Roller Shades with HeatShield

Wand Operated durable Roller Shades equipped with our patent pending HeatShield Technology to feel up to 15°F cooler.

UV Protection:
Colors Available:
  • Cappuccino
  • Frost
  • Chocolate
  • Plus More

Ready-To-Hang Shade Sail with HeatShield

Combine Coolaroo's iconic easy to install shade sails with HeatShield for the coolest experience under the sun.

Colors Available:
  • Storm
  • Coffee