Australia is a sun-drenched country with wide expansive plains and breathtaking mountain ranges. Isolated from the rest of the world for hundreds of thousands of years, it became home to unique plants and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Animals such as kangaroos adapted and now thrive in the wide open spaces and harsh climate, where daylight hours bring searing heat before plunging to freezing temperatures at night.

Like the kangaroo, the story of Coolaroo® is uniquely Australian. Coolaroo® fabric was developed in Australia over 50 years ago from tough, durable exterior grade materials to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Its design was also unique, a combination of yarns patterned to allow cooling breezes to pass through while repelling heat and the harmful effects of UV rays. The effect was dramatic. Homeowners began using Coolaroo® as a shade fabric and later as a window shade to provide cooling relief during summer, making life more bearable and leading to the modern day Australian lifestyle.

Since those early days, Coolaroo® has grown to become a truly global brand as homeowners in the United States and elsewhere soon discovered the benefits of owning a Coolaroo® exterior sun shade. Through ongoing research and development, Coolaroo® has adapted to new markets and weather conditions with fabric products that continue to offer homeowners with the best protection from heat and harmful UV rays that are also energy efficient and reduce power bills.

As always, Coolaroo® remains committed to environmental responsibility. Future fabric developments seek to reduce environmental footprints even further while continuing to provide the same benefits that homeowners have come to know and expect.